Destination Wedding Services

Destination Wedding Services

destination wedding is a wedding held at a setting away from your hometown. Getting married on famous destinations holds a special appeal for many couples now days hence destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular in India and abroad. From a recent survey it is estimated that about 10% of all weddings are now destination weddings in India.

Destination weddings can be planned with ease by choosing Evergreen Weddings & Events, A Venture of b2b Hospitality Pvt. Ltd as you wedding planner. Evergreen Weddings & Event is an expert destination wedding planners in India - we have over five years’ experience in destination weddings in India for Indian and international couples.

As your destination wedding planners based in India, Evergreen Weddings & Events will provide you with wedding planning services to suit your needs exactly. We do it all, from helping you find the perfect destination and accommodations, to handling all the reservation and booking procedures. We will do a site visit to ensure all the necessary questions are asked and local vendors are met and timings arranged. Our expert team will be there throughout the duration of the Wedding to ensure the smooth running of the marriage functions.

Our complete wedding services will be inclusive in the destination wedding service.

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